IRL LAB / Undergraduate Research Posters Can the AR Drone Fly Solo?

denzelDenzel Hamilton
University of Maryland Baltimore County
REU Participant (2013)

denzelAbstract: The AR Drone, created by Parrot, that I am using originally doesn’t have an autonomous flying mode where the quadcopter can follow something and maintain the same distance at all times. We use image processing to change the default video feed of the AR Drone to black and white. An object’s color will be changed to white if it is the object we want the quadcopter to follow, while all other objects with different colors will changed to black in the camera image. Using the white pixels in the image, we will have the quadcopter focus toward the (approximate) middle of the pixels. Then, we will use the measurements of the camera image to create a ratio of white pixels to overall pixels in the image. This ratio is what will maintain a distance because the quadcopter will be programmed to move to obtain that ratio at all times.