Intelligent Robot Learning Laboratory (IRL Lab) Undergraduate Research Projects
Semi-Autonomous Wheelchair

This wheelchair is designed to semi-autonomously navigate the user’s home. With their eyes, the user will be able to select a target location from the floorplan of their home and the wheelchair will navigate itself there. The wheelchair will be able to make it to the destination quickly and safely. This semi-autonomous wheelchair will give independence back to people living with ALS by allowing them to navigate their own homes.

Autonomous Nursery Rover

The goal of this research is to improve the modern process of counting individual trees in a nursery, which at the moment is inefficient, costly, and inaccurate. Multiple times a year, employees must walk down every row in a tree nursery and count the number of trees manually in order to have an estimate of the nurseries stock. This tedious and time consuming job could be replaced by an autonomous rover, creating the opportunity to save time and money, as well as to both get a more accurate estimate of the number of trees and to record the diameters of the different trees.

Laser Charging System

In this project we developed a laser charging system by locating a specific solar panel on the device using image processing and then transmitting energy via the high density light of a laser. The significance of this project is to use this technology to power sensors in smart homes in order to eliminate the need for wired connections and the replacement of batteries. Instead, the sensors can be charged remotely.