Intelligent Robot Learning Laboratory (IRL Lab) Join Us


We’re often looking for help in the IRL lab on different projects. Our core interests are at the intersection of intelligent agents and machine learning, including learning from humans. You may also be interested in EECS faculty who work in Smart Environments and other MME faculty who work in Robotics.

Undergraduate Students

In general, we prefer to work with students who have a significant amount of programming experience. However, if you have other skill sets (e.g., experience with running human subject trials, a significant background in math or statistics, etc.) there may be a place for you. If you are interested, you may send us a brief email describing your background and potential interests.

Another good option to quickly get a lot of experience working in a team setting is to join the Robotics Club or the RoboSub Club of the Palouse.

We have limited funds to support undergraduate students. If you would like to get paid, your best bet is to start by volunteering to work on existing projects, or start a new project. Once we’ve worked together for a bit, we may be able to support you during the year or over the summer on a time slip.

Graduate Students

If you’re considering the EECS program here at WSU, then we encourage you to apply. We cannot admit students directly – they must go through the admissions committee.

If you’re a prospective graduate student and your research interests closely overlap with our lab, feel free to send us an email. This email should include your CV, your relevant interests, whether you are applying for an MS or PhD, and whether you are looking for support. We apologize for being so specific, but faculty receive many mass mailings from potential students who have not taken the time to learn about our interests — such a scatter shot approach only wastes everyone’s time. If we agree that you might be a good fit for the IRL lab, and we have room in the lab, we’ll be sure to keep an eye out for your application.

If you are already a graduate student at WSU and are interested in a PhD or MS in computer science with our lab, please send us an email and we can take it from there.