School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Intelligent Robot Learning Laboratory (IRL Lab)


Since the establishment of Intelligent Robot Learning Laboratory (IRL Lab) in August 2013, the space has turned into a flourishing hub of activity. The laboratory accommodates everything from teaching classes to student clubs and graduate research. The wide range of activities facilitates hands-on learning by multi-disciplinary teams.

Current and future research focuses on developing the lab as a center for innovation and advancement of robotics. Our graduate students are working on algorithms to create autonomous robots. The potential uses of robots is limitless and we want to contribute to its rapid deployment and adoption in education, agriculture, military, manufacturing, and many others.

Congratulations to IRL Lab’s 1st PhD

Yusen Zhan successfully defended his PhD Dissertation, “Policy Advice, Non-convex and Distributed Optimization in Reinforcement Learning,” on November 8th. He is the first PhD graduate from the IRL Lab, with multiple journal articles and a conference paper accepted at the time of his defense. We all wish him the best as he prepares to return to China to begin a new job!

Invited Talk at Microsoft Research on Improving Reinforcement Learning with Human Input [Video]

Dr. Matthew Taylor was invited by Ece Kamar to give a research seminar on his research at Microsoft Research‘s Redmond campus. The talk was held on September 16th, which was recorded and made available by MSR.